Why are NON SELF INCRIMINATING medical forms so important?

Affordable Evaluations is the ONLY Medical Marijuana evaluation center that DOES NOT require you to indicate any self incriminating information in the medical forms (i.e., medical record) regarding admissions of you having used cannabis in the past prior to obtaining a recommendation.

Furthermore, Affordable Evaluation DOES NOT require various other specific self incriminating questions describing your prior use of marijuana, which all other evaluation centers require to be answered.

By indicating (i.e., representing) any information about prior use of marijuana causes you to immediately INCRIMINATE yourself because this information, which is your admission that you have been obtaining a controlled substance illegally without a doctor's recommendation, constitutes as you admitting to criminal conduct.

All other evaluation centers require you to represent this SELF INCRIMINATING information in their medical forms.

Presenting this self incriminating information in the medical forms and to staff and physicians at other evaluation centers opens the door to possible criminal investigation where the same staff members and physicians become possible witnesses against you having admitted to criminal activity.

The patient privacy of your medical records thereby cannot be guaranteed by other evaluation centers because your medical record subsequently evidences your admission of criminal activity.

If law enforcement decides to conduct a criminal investigation of criminal activity, they can subpoena your medical records, the staff and physicians as witnesses about your admitted criminal activity.

Law Enforcement can ask witnesses questions such as:

  • Where have you been illegally obtaining this controlled substance without a doctor's recommendation?
  • How long have you been illegally obtaining it?
  • What amounts (i.e., quantities) have you been illegally obtaining?
  • Who is or was illegally distributing this substance to you in return for money without a doctor's recommendation?
  • Have you been illegally supplying others with this controlled substance without a doctor's recommendation by illegally obtaining it?

Even if you were to decide to skip these questions about your prior use in the medical forms where such self incriminating questions are required (i.e., asked), you are still putting yourself in the self incriminating and totally unnecessary position of making concealments in these medical forms.

At Affordable Evaluations, we DO NOT ask any self incriminating questions whatsoever about your prior use of marijuana.

As a result, even if you have used marijuana prior, you DO NOT incriminate yourself and DO NOT make any concealments which ultimately DOES NOT put you in any jeopardy of admitting to criminal activity.

After you receive your recommendation from Affordable Evaluations you will clearly understand that not only did you get the Affordable Evaluation but most important of all, you made the Affordable Evaluation for an evaluation center.